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Quoted from Stephanie Porter (St. John's) Newfoundland and Labrador's "The Independant"

Born in the lighthouse at Fort Amherst during the Second World War, now a sea cook and aspiring songwriter stuck between homes in Cuba and Canada, Frank Dalton’s had his share of ups, downs, adventures and journeys. <Read More>

Quoted from John Gavin, music promoter with Atlantic Seabreeze, Toronto

"Hi Frank! I want you to know I received the CD with your 18 songs. Marvelous work - I can't believe how gifted you are with your great song writing. #'s 9, 10, 11 & 17 seem to be my favorites. Lady of the Lakes sung by Kevin Evans is outstanding."

Quoted from Doug Taylor with The Coast Magazine, Halifax

"Frank Dalton writes songs about people and events that strike him, in the troubadours tradition. Video Lottery machines, the execution of Karla Faye Tucker and (ack!) the death of Princess Diana all get the Dalton treatment.

The Disc is meant as a Demo for singers and publishers, and the quality of performances varies. Eight are delivered by Don Ficzere, a well-known busker in St. John's. The Paul Bernardo murders are movingly noted in "What Happens in Heaven?" sung by Ray Power with an empathy worthy of Red Sovine. The most polished recording is Kevin Evan's (of Evans and Doherty) rendition of "Lady of the Lakes", a tribute to the first woman in Canada to become a licensed marine pilot.

Mr. Dalton is a cook by trade, a transplanted Newfoundlander looking for a singing collaborator. Half of these tales deserve to be re-recorded and heard on Canadian country radio and there are a couple that should be buried. One of those is about a princess. I hope the good'uns make it to your ears."

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