Learning how to read music and play an instrument is something that all children should have the opportunity to experience and master. While there are many group lessons available, more and more parents are opting for private in-home music lessons to help their children learn to play an instrument. There are a number of reasons to opt for private in-home lessons over group music lessons, such as:

Parental Involvement

While parents are not required to be hands-on during in-home private music lessons, having the lessons done at home can help parents become more active as their child learns to play a musical instrument. Parents will be able to hear their children playing their instrument with their instructor, which will give them a better idea of how their child is progressing.

Save Time

Many families live very active lives, with parents working, kids in school, and a variety of extracurricular activities. If you enroll your child in a group music lesson, you will have to factor the time it takes to drive your child to his or her music lesson and then pick him or her up afterwards. With all of that driving, you can end up wasting a lot of time going back and forth. In-home private music lessons eliminate the need to waste that time so a family's afternoons and evenings are not as hectic.

One-on-One Instruction

One of the biggest benefits of in-home private music lessons is the fact that your child can work one-on-one with his or her music instructor. This personalized attention can help your child progress much faster than if he or she took group lessons with several other students. In-home private music lessons allow the music instructor to focus on your child's strengths and weaknesses and tailor each lesson.

Comfortable Setting

Most kids feel most comfortable in their own home, which is why in-home private music lessons are highly recommended. Being comfortable will allow a child's musical creativity to unfold, and he or she is less likely to worry about making mistakes. Choosing in-home private music lessons also allows you to choose days and times that work best for your family and coincide when your child is ready to practice learning his or her instrument.

Save Money

The price of in-home private music lessons is often more expensive than group lessons at a music studio, but in the long run you can actually save money. You won't have to worry about paying for gas to transport your child back and forth to lessons, and their will be less wear and tear on your car. In addition, your child may actually need fewer lessons to master the skills of playing an instrument since he or she receives individual music instruction from an instructor.