Whether you are purchasing one for your home, for a bar or restaurant, or to place it into a youth center, foosball tables can provide hours of entertainment. Unlike electronic entertainment systems, like pinball, electronic darts, and game consoles, foosball tables require very little in the way of maintenance or repair. Following the few maintenance tips below will ensure that your table lasts and performs well for many years.

Tip #1: Provide Side Tables

Spilled beverages are the absolute biggest threats to your foosball table. Provide side tables near the play area for people to place drinks and food items. It's also a good idea to put up signage instructing people not to use the game table as drink table, and then enforce this rule if you notice drinks on the table. If a spill does occur, game play must stop immediately so the spill can be cleaned up and the wood dried completely, otherwise warping or peeling of laminate layers can occur.

Tip #2: Vacuum Regularly

Dust and dirt can collect inside the nooks and crannies of your table. The best way to clean it is to vacuum the table out with the hose attachment. How often you vacuum depends on how heavily the table is used. You may need to vacuum daily on tables that see a lot of use and collect a lot of dirt, while tables used minimally only require a once weekly cleaning so dust doesn't build up.

Tip #3: Wipe It Down

After vacuuming, wiping down the table finishes the job. The handles are especially prone to dirt build up because of the skin oils they collect. Dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub down the handles and the other surfaces of the table to remove this dirt. Alcohol evaporates quickly so it doesn't harm the wood or laminate layers on your table. Wipe down the table each time you vacuum so the dirt doesn't build up.

Tip #4: Oil Your Table

This is only necessary infrequently, such as when you notice that the handles or players aren't moving as smoothly as they should be. Barely dampen a clean cloth with a silicone lubricant – it only takes a small amount. Then, rub the rods down with the lubricant, barely coating them. This helps them move more smoothly in their holes. Do not use petroleum- or oil-based lubricants. These leave a residue on gaskets and rubber bumpers, which eats into the rubber and causes major damage.

For more information about caring for your table, contact a company that specializes in foosball and custom ping pong tables in Calgary.