Are you getting married soon? If so, you likely have a lot of planning work on your plate. One of the most important steps is choosing your DJ. The quality of your DJ can make or break your reception. A great DJ keeps the party moving and gets people out on the dance floor. A lesser DJ may play songs that don't quite fit the atmosphere and may have trouble getting people up and out of their seats. You can help ensure that your DJ does a good job by giving them good instruction and helping them prepare for the big night. Here are three tips to help you prepare your DJ for your reception:

Be very specific about the type of performance that you want. Remember that you are the client and they are the contractor. You are well within your right to tell them how you want them to perform at the reception, as long as you do so in a polite and professional manner. For example, some DJs like to do a lot of talking in between songs. If you would prefer that the DJ just stick to playing music, don't hesitate to tell them so. If you don't want the DJ to take requests or go off the playlist, say so. Being clear in your direction will make it easier for your DJ to give you the performance you want.

Make a written list of important songs. Some DJs will give you a form to fill out for important songs like your entrance to the reception, first dance, and dances with parents. However, not all DJs do this. Even if your DJ doesn't give you a form to fill out, take it upon yourself to create your own written list. Don't assume your DJ will remember a conversation about certain songs. Also, if your DJ is doing the music for the ceremony, give him or her a list of processional and recessional songs.

Give the DJ your playlist as soon as possible. Many couples don't realize your DJ has to put a playlist together for the specific wedding. He or she has to pull songs from a master playlist or possibly look online for versions of unique or lesser known songs on your playlist. If you don't give them a playlist until two or three days before the wedding, they may not have time to get your full playlist together. Make it easy for them.

If you have specific questions about how a DJ can help change the atmosphere of an event, contact a business like Prairie Mobile Music.