Gas-powered go karts can reach speeds exceeding 25 kilometers per hour with many customized models being able to travel even faster. At those speeds, every small move that you make can make a difference on your final lap score, especially since the racetrack is quite short. Here are 3 tips that will help you overlap everyone else.

Listen to the Engine

The engine of go karts can tell you a lot about your vehicle's performance. You want to make sure that you pay attention to the noises that the engine is making and to keep the revs up with the smoothness, and try to maximize the engine revs too. You want to avoid sliding too much because this may cause the engine to die abruptly.

Maintain the Momentum

Being able to maintain a constant momentum can help you easily overlap everyone else. You want your go kart to lift slightly, especially during tight turns, to avoid sliding, be in control of the steering and to ease up on the gas during turns to prevent skidding.

Most experts recommend easing up on the gas when turning a corner in order to make sure that you can still maintain control over your vehicle. In addition, you can carry momentum by making wide turns around the entire racetrack, as this will allow you to carry more speed. To make a turn, some experts recommend flicking the rear of the go kart out using the brakes.

Help the Engine to Recover by Hopping Out When Exiting Turns

To make sure that the engine recovers quickly when you are turning, hop out of the go kart if possible, especially when you are exiting tighter turns and if you tend to be a bit on the heavy side. This technique might take a bit of practice to master. By being able to quickly hop out of the go kart during tight turns, you will be able to free up the engine for a little bit, which can help the go kart accelerate when exiting a turn. This might help you overlap your competition.


By implementing the above 3 tips, you can blow your friends and other competitors at events like a 401 mini indy birthday party into the dust on the racetrack and overlap everyone. Keep in mind that timing is key, so you want to make sure that you pay attention when on the track. Try not to overdrive and take advantage of the engine revs for an even faster experience.